“Acceptance by Example”: My Guest Blog

I have a guest post today, “Learning Acceptance by Example,” over at my friend (and celebrated YA author!) Ginny Rorby’s site. She posted her outrage earlier this month about a gay-bashing video circulating the web. I share my experience with her readers about growing up with two talented, generous, courageous men in our family: my Uncle Ed and his 58-year partner, “Uncle” Bob.

Ed and Bob in Yosemite

Uncle Ed and Uncle Bob in Yosemite

I’m old enough, and been around the block way too many times, to think one can change the hearts and minds of bigots, or stop them teaching their children every which way to hate. I can only mourn the loss for those kids of the models I had through my uncles — service and caring to others, commitment to equality, and one of the most loving, long-lasting relationships I’ve known. They were so much more than their sexuality.

“Coming Out in the 1950s,” first in a film series Ed and Bob’s legacy foundation helped fund, debuted to acclaim at the Frameline Film Festival in 2011. By, and for, young adults, a group of gay and lesbian students interview gay and lesbian elders about what it was like growing up during a difficult time to be homosexual. The purpose of the series is to “reassure young, gay people they are not alone, and that living with pride and dignity creates a powerful political statement.”  

If you are gay or lesbian, or think you might be and need support, please seek it out. Organizations and information are at your fingertips. If you are feeling particularly vulnerable, talk to someone you trust and/or go to The Trevor Project. A call to its trained counselors is confidential and free, 24/7.


1-866-488-7386.  You are not alone. 

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