Interviews, Scribbles, & Video

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December 2013

Catherine Ryan Hyde: Better Than Blurbs: Elizabeth’s Landing by Katy Pye

February 2014

Women’s National Book Association-SF Chapter  Katy Pye’s Elizabeth’s Landing, Award-winning e-book

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August 2014

Video Interview with Goosebottom Books’, Shirin Yim Bridges: “To celebrate the Labor Day Weekend, here is my interview with Katy about her labor of love.” Shirin Yim Bridges

November 2014

Photo by Katy Pye

International blogtalk radio program, “Energy Awareness” hosted by T. Love. Elizabeth’s Landing – Winner of FOUR MAJOR Book Awards

March 2015

Magazine interview – Tao Graphie #6 page 16 (English), page 20 (French). In-depth conversation with U.S. correspondent to the magazine, Florence Estéva Got. We talk about writing Elizabeth’s Landing, activism, and the importance of nature and the environment for young people.


“Mendocino Beacon” newspaper article on Elizabeth’s Landing’s awards


August 2013

GINNY’S FRIENDS: “Blue Marble Gratitude” blog piece

April 2014

Women’s National Book Association-SF Chapter: Women Writing the Environment Into Fiction

February 2015

“Write Brain” Essay for the Mendocino Coast Writers Conference blog. How are reading and writing good for our lives, society, and our aging brains?

Kelley House Museum

Spring 2014 Newsletter: “A Family’s History Comes Home”

May 21, 2015 Blog: “The Seeds of Temperance”


Book launch reading ~ Gallery Bookshop, Mendocino, CA

Launch reading

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