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Elizabeth’s Landing

by Katy Pye

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Winner of four traditional and indie book awards – middle-grade to adult

Port Winston—home to sun, sand, and shopping. What’s not to like? Everything, to fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Barker, uprooted mid-school year to the Texas coast. When Grandpa, with more judgments than the Old Testament, pronounces her 10¢ shy of worthless and headed for trouble, Elizabeth bolts for Wayward Landing beach—the county’s last wild haven.

A chance encounter with an endangered, nesting sea turtle ignites new purpose, friendships, and trouble even Grandpa couldn’t predict. Her fight to save the Landing unearths complex family ties to the powerful developer and catapults her against those she loves. When the Deepwater Horizon oil slick threatens the turtles’ Louisiana feeding grounds, Elizabeth’s journalist mom hits the front lines. And Elizabeth’s fears hit overdrive.    $12.00

Free chapters, discussion guide, links to order and reviews are all here.




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 Tracking the Flash: My Lighthouse Travel Log

by Katy Pye

TtF uncurved web front cover image-FLATDo you love visiting lighthouses? Bravo! You are a “keeper.” As guardian of a vanishing national legacy, your visits literally keep the lights on. This travel log lets you record your trips, whether in the U.S. or worldwide. Sets of four, pre-formatted pages encourage you to capture details on:

* up to 32 lighthouses
* docent stories and your favorite facts
* local attractions, special events or places
* lighthouse overnights or longer stays as volunteer lightkeepers

Each set also includes a photo and brief description of one U.S. lighthouse. Use dedicated pages to log trip purchases or lighthouse-themed mementos and collections. Free space encourages personal journaling, even creative sparks such as pencil, pen, or crayon drawings, poems, prose, story or photography ideas or image lists.

This logbook is fun for the individual lighthouse enthusiast or as a project for the whole family. Stash the book in your suitcase, glove box, or handbag and hit the road.


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ISPYFinal front-KP adj B&C

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Maybe pollinators are your passion. Perhaps a growing curiosity on its way to a passion. I Spy! Who’s Using My Garden? will tune your eyes and ears toward your garden in new ways.

The workbook includes information on pollinators, understanding the “keys to their kingdoms,” how to provide for, protect, and enhance their lives, photography tips, and much more. The step-by-step process begins with choosing a small patch to watch and document pollinator activity on a schedule you set. You’ll learn first-hand and record which nectar and pollinator plants they are using, whether you need to add more or different species. Use the Resource pages to find pollinator identification and gardening support books, internet sites, and apps. The Citizen Science section creates a record of observations you’ve uploaded and shared with pollinator programs and researchers. By the end of the season, you’ll know more about your garden and your connections to these wondrous ecosystem workhorses will deepen a few more feet.

I Spy! Who’s Using My Garden? info/order page. See sample pages there, too.

6×9 horizontal format; Spiral-bound with clear protective front and back covers; 122 pages and full-color images throughout. 

Price: $22.42 total includes sales tax and shipping. If you live outside the U.S. or want to order 5 or more copies or to know about retailer discounts, please contact me using the form below.

 If you prefer to pay by check: make out to:  Katy Pye.  Send to:  Katy Pye P.O. Box 265 Mendocino, CA. 95460. Books shipped when personal checks clear. 

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Stand Up and Shine: My 60 Day Confidence Challenge Journal

by Erin Summ, CPC   Erin Summ Coaching

Are you a shy or introverted woman entrepreneur, struggling to feel confident, courageous, and valuable? Do you sometimes hide behind an invisible shield because you fear rejection, criticism, and not being “good enough” just as you are? Have you tried methods to transform your life and business that fell short or didn’t fit?

Then it’s time to go on a 60-day discovery journey all about you. Dig deep into what slows you down, what isn’t working, and why. Uncover and acknowledge where you illuminate the world.

Stand Up and Shine is a journal that works from the inside out to increase your confidence and self-awareness, allowing you to create steady change. Use the journal as a support tool. Join the Confident Woman Community on Facebook.

Over the 60 days you will describe:

  • where and who you are now
  • what you hope to discover by completing the journal
  • the concrete changes you make or hope to make as a result
  • what you actually discover, summarized each week and at the end of the 60 days
  • your plan for moving forward, past your roadblocks, supported by insight and self-guided actions.

Inspirational quotes and a daily reminder prompt support your journey. The completed journal is a road map into your future, into more self-compassion, more strength, and ultimately more success.

Author and life coach, Erin Summ, CPC, struggled as a shy child, student, and business woman. Her education, training, and work with shy and introverted women entrepreneurs give her insights about common roadblocks and the processes to move these gifted women into the light. Personal discovery through Stand Up and Shine is a first big step.

Stand Up and Shine is available at or directly through the author’s store:

Visit Erin at for more information about private and group coaching, free and paid confidence-building videos and challenges, or to schedule speaking engagements.

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Tracking the Flash: $14.00

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