I Spy! Who’s Using My Garden? A Pollinator Garden Workbook

Maybe pollinators are your passion. Perhaps a growing curiosity on its way to a passion. I Spy! Who’s Using My Garden? will tune your eyes and ears toward your garden in new ways. 

The workbook includes information on pollinators, understanding the “keys to their kingdoms,” how to provide for, protect, and enhance their lives, photography tips, and much more. The step-by-step process begins with choosing a small patch to watch and document pollinator activity on a schedule you set. You’ll learn first-hand and record which nectar and pollinator plants they are using, whether you need to add more or different species. Use the Resource pages to find pollinator identification and gardening support books, internet sites, and apps. The Citizen Science section creates a record of observations you’ve uploaded and shared with pollinator programs and researchers. By the end of the season, you’ll know more about your garden, and your connections to these wondrous ecosystem workhorses will deepen a few more feet. 

Here’s what’s inside and a few sample pages. 

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I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? p. 6I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? p 7I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? sample p 38I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? sample page 47I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? sample page 57

I Spy! Who's Using My Garden-Garden Adjustments

I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? Citizen Sci sample

I Spy! Who's Using My Garden? Sugg Res. sample page

You can find most of this section as clickable links here: “I Spy! My Pollinator Resources List” https://katypye.com/i-spy-a-pollinator-garden-workbook/tracking-your-pollinator-paradise/i-spy-my-pollinator-resources-list/

6×9 format; Spiral-bound with clear protective front and back covers; 122 pages and full-color images throughout. 

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