Elizabeth’s Landing is Stepping Out

Miss Elizabeth’s finally got her party dress (had to bribe her into it). As soon as I have a secure shipping date, we’ll schedule a launch at Gallery Bookstore in Mendocino. Can’t wait!


Twirl around so they can see you from the back. Seamstress, Laurie MacMillan from Sunfield Graphic Design showed great skill and unbelievable patience, dealing with a picky 14 year-old–and her stage mother.

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There is a photo album on my Katy Pye-Author Facebook page, along with text from the book next to each picture. I’ll post updates there and here about the book. Please Like the page if you do. Comments welcome, too.


Dancing Woman with Bird on Head

Dancing woman w bird126 photo by Katy Pye

At Squidoo: “Kids Who Make A Difference”

A friend and I talked recently about her 10 year-old daughter’s struggle to find an interest for her spare time. When mom said her daughter knows how to knit, an idea from the paper popped in my head. GermanBoyGirlKnitB

A local animal shelter advertised for recycled, clean dog blankets and jackets to help low-income pet owners keep their animals warm through the winter. Knitters stepped forward with yarn and finished sweater projects to help out.

Maybe the idea caught the girl’s attention, maybe not, but there’s always something to do. Sometimes, the hardest thing is knowing where to start?

Canadian blogger, Maria aka, “Poutine,” created an inspiring “Lens” on Squidoo all about young people making a difference. She’s gathered stories about kids and teens who have created cool and inspiring ways to give back, right the wrongs, ease another’s pain. Some are gentle souls, quietly doing what needs to be done. Some are mighty warriors, making big noises over big issues. Most don’t stand in the media spotlight, but all resonate in the hearts of those they touch.

The site has a list of idea books. Choose one idea or combine several. Or just drink in the power of inspiration and create your own, original project. UPDATE: 11-30-13, Maria’s Squidoo page link is no longer live. Sorry! An alternative book I recommend is Do Something: A Handbook for Young Activists by Nancy Lublin. A terrific step-by-step guide for kids (and adults!) to figure out their true passions and interests, then build them into action plans for giving, action, and caring.

Squidoo was co-founded by Corey Brown, Megan Casey, Seth Godin, and Gil Hildebrand as a “publishing platform and community that makes it easy for you to create ‘lenses’ online. Lenses are pages, kind of like flyers or signposts or overview articles, that gather everything you know about your topic of interest–and snap it all into focus. Like the lens of a camera, your perspective on something.”

Check out Squidoo’s set of lenses focused at non-profits where you can collect royalties for your favs.

Update from Comments:

Woodlands Wildlife uses 100% of your donations to support the animals and birds it rescues.P.O. Box 1336 Mendocino, CA 95460

Visit Mendocino Yarn Shop and pick up the bird nest knitting or crochet pattern.

Peace, do what you can, and have fun.

Find the critter

Can you find the wildlife in this photo? photo by Katy Pye



2013 Mendocino Coast Writers Conference — registration open

MCWC logo

The Mendocino Coast Writers Conference offers a place where writers find encouragement, expertise, and inspiration.”

Mendocino Sunset photo: Katy Pye

Mendocino sunset-over-ocean view you don’t want to miss!
photo: Katy Pye

CONFERENCE DATES: July 25-27, 2013

Register by June 15th and save $50!

As a former participant, now board member, I’m excited to announce registration for the 23rd annual Mendocino Coast Writers Conference is open and busy.

487 Twisted-3 adj-rs-72dpi

Photo: Katy Pye

Our three-day, workshop-style conference sits against a forest and ocean backdrop. Limited to 100 participants, every year writers are drawn to hone their craft within our supportive community. As always, our faculty of notable authors are also superior teachers. This year’s Master Class in “Short Fiction,” is taught by award-winner, Peter Orner. The full faculty list, brochure, and schedule can be downloaded and printed from the website /”Our Conference” tabs.

481 Trillium-adj x 2-72dpi

photo: Katy Pye

Genre: Short-fiction (Master class), Memoir, Poetry, Novel, Short-fiction (standard class), and Emerging Writers (fiction or non-fiction).

Afternoonsshort lectures, readings, and panels: A social media expert, editors, agent, and Paths to Publishing success stories (which I’m on, which means I’ll have a book out!).

Partner Packages and one-on-one meetings with agent and faculty are available.

2 fawn cr-72dpi

Partners specializing in backyard garden raids
Photo: Katy Pye

We’ve kept our traditional scholarships and added a new slot – 5 Under 25 for participants 16-25 years of age. Apply for a contest. Winners appear in our online conference journal, The Noyo River Review. Check our website for deadlines and details.

Join us. Three days of inspired mentors, rigorous craft, and unmatched setting with friends-old and new. Can’t come but want to support other writers? Consider donating to one of the scholarship programs. All gifts are tax-deductable. Also guaranteed to unlock writers block, prevent computer crashes, promote one new idea, and engender good writing karma.

And don’t forget to back up your work!

Katy Pye this writer's life

This writer’s life–Elizabeth’s Landing in progress 2011
photo: Katy Pye


“Connecting writers to community for over twenty years.”

HELP! 9 Days to Fund Ocean Gyre Documentary

In my World Ocean’s Day post last June, I summarized the mounting problem of plastics in the world’s oceans. This map names the North Pacific gyre–the most infamous–but there are five, major “gyres” on the planet. The one off America’s Atlantic coast is home to the Sargasso Sea. All five gyres are growing plastic garbage dumps, creating serious problems for wildlife and ocean habitat. 

50% turtle 50% plastic-

50% turtle 50% plastic-photo courtesy-Alejandro Fallabrino-Uruguay

Countless young people are making positive changes to our planet’s future. Yesterday, friend and fellow writer Ginny Rorby blogged an appeal to help talented and dedicated photographer, Justin Lewis and author Michelle Stauffer, realize their documentary short film and book project through Kickstarter.


Justin and Michelle have completed Phases I and II and are more than half-way home with just over $12,000 left to fully fund Phase III, “Sargasso Sea and Plastics Pollution.” If you can help, go the their Kickstarter page and donate what you can. An easy way to be part of the “pollution solution.”


Seal entangled in discarded net
Photo: NOAA

The natural world holds the link to the spirit in each of us. Justin Lewis and Michelle Stauffer, “The Penobscot River” film

To learn more about Justin and Michelle’s projects, see (and buy!) stunning photographs, and watch their films: www.70DEGREESWEST.com.

Thanks and peace.


Happy “Pi (Pye?) Day” from the math phobic! Family rumor: we Pyes WILL go on forever!