Elizabeth’s Landing is Stepping Out

Miss Elizabeth’s finally got her party dress (had to bribe her into it). As soon as I have a secure shipping date, we’ll schedule a launch at Gallery Bookstore in Mendocino. Can’t wait!


Twirl around so they can see you from the back. Seamstress, Laurie MacMillan from Sunfield Graphic Design showed great skill and unbelievable patience, dealing with a picky 14 year-old–and her stage mother.

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There is a photo album on my Katy Pye-Author Facebook page, along with text from the book next to each picture. I’ll post updates there and here about the book. Please Like the page if you do. Comments welcome, too.


Dancing Woman with Bird on Head

Dancing woman w bird126 photo by Katy Pye

6 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Landing is Stepping Out

  1. Well, glad that Elizabeth put down her footprint before getting all dolled up. What a lovely turtle and a not nice-looking but dramatic waterway. What’s that tiny imprint on the camera’s shot button?

  2. When I worked at Padre Island National Seashore in the summer of 1977, I worked with the Ridley sea turtle! We got to pick them up and put them in containers while they were running towards the surf.

    • It sounds like you were part of the first Kemp’s ridley conservation efforts there when they were running the “Headstart program. How exciting to have been in on the ground floor, er beach, of the ongoing program to save this beautiful species.

    • Hi Ginny,

      I’d be honored. A long journey since we began teasing out Elizabeth’s story. A lot has changed with her and I appreciate all your support.

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