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It’s true! It’s a miracle! Okay, that’s overstating it, but how it feels after six years. An e-book version of Elizabeth’s story is available through Barnes and Noble’s Nook site. If you don’t have a Nook device, don’t worry, you can download the app for free and read on your computer or other mobile devices. Go to B&N’s Mobile Apps webpage to sign in, sign up, and connect to the right download.

If you’re the something soft and flexible, tree-based-book type person, the Print-on-Demand version will be out by June through Amazon. A Kindle version will go up about the same time, maybe sooner if I’m successful formatting it myself, as I did the Nook. Watch my Facebook Author site, Follow me here, or leave your e-mail on the Contact Me page above for updates.

PLEASE, once you’ve finished the book, leave feedback and ratings at these sites, Goodreads, Facebook it, blog it, etc., because…

single turtle fleuronA portion of all my book sale profits support worldwide sea turtle conservation and education programs. B&N has e-book gift cards. Bookstores do, too. I’m just sayin’ . . .  shrimp fleuron

Gull patrol


Flags are flying–get out your calendar. The revised book launch date at Gallery Bookshop in Mendocino, CA. is June 30th, 6:30 p.m. Tux, tails, and formals optional, but my tiara’s getting steam-blasted and the side seams of my Senior Prom dress are sprung WAY out for the event.

I’m working on Grandma Linnie to do some of the catering.975 Apple, pear, blberry pie 2010_edited-1

Deepest thanks to everyone who has given writing help, an ear to moments of pain and joy, celebrations at key steps, and for believing all these years I really was writing a novel.

Photo by Katy PyeIndie publishers and indie bookstores are trying hard to work together so each can survive and grow. I’m publishing with the “big houses” (interpret at will) because it is the most direct, profitable way for me to get books into readers’ hands. Please support your local, or any independent bookstore, and encourage them to carry books you want to read. I’m working to collaborate with them, too.

Book Blurb

Port Winston—home to sun, sand, and shopping. What’s not to like? Everything, to 14 year-old Elizabeth Barker, uprooted mid-school year to the Texas coast. When Grandpa, with more judgments than the Old Testament, pronounces her 10¢ shy of worthless and headed for trouble, Elizabeth bolts for Wayward Landing beach—the county’s last wild haven.

A chance encounter with an endangered, nesting sea turtle ignites new purpose, friendships, and trouble even Grandpa couldn’t predict. Her fight to save the Landing unearths complex family ties to the powerful developer and catapults her against those she loves. When the Deepwater Horizon oil slick threatens the turtles’ Louisiana feeding grounds, Elizabeth’s journalist mom hits the front lines. And Elizabeth’s fears and plans hit overdrive.

Elizabeth’s Landing, a compelling environmental and family saga, bridges risk and loss to hope and hearts —human to human, human to animal, human to world.

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Ages 10 and up.

P.S. Turtle nesting season has begun along the Gulf coast. Info under Elizabeth’s Sea Turtles tells you the best places to visit to see turtles or hatchling releases. Donations are always welcome.

19 thoughts on “Elizabeth’s Landing-Nook e-book!

  1. Congratulations Katy!  So excited for you and cannot wait to meet Elizabeth and to hear her story! xoxo Ginger


    • Ginger!
      You won’t believe this, but you were one of the first people on my “can’t wait until I tell…” list. Thanks for the thumbs up and for all your support.

  2. As a reader of parts of this story in manuscript, I can vouch for the exceptional writing and the amazing story. An exciting, deep and thoughtful look into the problems of sea turtles trying to maintain their lives no matter what the obstacles==and a girl who takes them into her heart.

  3. So glad to see it happen! and glad the launch is at a time when i can be there. Hearty congratulations, and i look forward to holding the book in my hands (not reading at a screen!) see you soon, i hope.

    • Thanks, Gayle. I’m so glad you can be here for the event at Gallery Bookshop. I’m looking forward to the print version, too. Gonna wrap it in swaddling clothes and get out my rocker. 🙂

  4. Hi Katy, Just heard the wonderful news from Dee-Ann! Congratulations! It feels special to me since she and I visited you and Robert on the day you completed the book. I just returned from Maui where our lanai overlooked the rocks and a wonderful show of huge turtles and i was thinking of you. I look forward to reading the book. How exciting for you.

    • Hi Joan–That was a special day and visit. Someday I hope to get to Hawaii and see the turtles. So many relate similar experiences when I bring up the book.

      Be well, and thanks for leaving a comment.


  5. Hi Katy!
    It’s finally here, the reveal! I am so very proud of you and of your accomplishments. The next thing I do is to download my copy today!
    Sue U

    • Hi Sue!

      Good to hear from you. Thanks for the kind words and for buying the book!The turtles thank you, too. Hope you enjoy it.

      Hugs and best wishes across the state line.


    • Nanci Nancy…

      Wow, Thank you. What a lovely thought. I appreciate your reading, feedback, and support through a late version.


  6. Congratulations Katy!!! I’ll get your kindle version! I’m looking forward to reading it.
    What an accomplishment!! All the best. Donna

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks Donna. I hope you like it. I appreciate knowing you use Kindle. Others are saying they’ll also wait for it there. Maybe I’ll tackle the formatting work rather than waiting for CreateSpace to do it in a month. So many new things to learn!

      Best wishes.

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