Watch the Earth Breathe!

Check out this cool model, Breathing Earth. Hover over different countries and watch the clock per second and annual tons of CO2 emissions per person change. Not every big country uses a lot of resources, and not every small country uses less. Some of it is population size, but not always. See what conclusions you come up with.

I used a link from the website to calculate my “CO2 footprint.” I came out sporting size 15 galoshes (that’s rubber boots for any of you under age 55). The actual question raised, rather than the size of your foot imprint on wet sand is, “How many planets does it take to support your lifestyle?” Even with all the “right” things I do like recycling, living in a fairly energy-efficient house, etc., 4.1 planets is beyond embarrassing! 

CO2 footprint shot

My CO2 Footprint as of 10-4-12

See how well you’re doing. Share ideas with us on what you’ve done to reduce your footprint.

Me? It’s lunchtime and right after I “explore scenarios” on the website to do better, I’m of to make a salad. Then get out in the sunshine to rejuvenate my garden beds and plant some fall veggies and sugar snap peas for spring.

See ya.

4 thoughts on “Watch the Earth Breathe!

    • Hey Art!

      I know, astonishing, isn’t it? Footrace to the P.O. Tuesday?
      Thanks for checking in. True friends bravely share their footprints.


    • Erin,
      Thanks for visiting and taking the test. Painful, but info is power! Well, info and a self-kick in the behind, right?
      Best wishes. Katy

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